Book a Luxury Cottage with Local Fishing

Sep 13, 2018

For any angler; why camp in a Bivvy, when you could stay in a luxury cottage? 

Fishing is often a wet and cold experience. Camping next to the lake in a tent might be part of the fun, but why not book a cottage in which to stay during your trip? Enjoying yourself need not sacrifice those creature comforts. At Handpicked Cottages, we can offer you a luxury cottage with local fishing from our broad selection. Whether saltwater or fresh water, we can suit your needs.

From Scotland to Land’s End, we offer a big selection of cottages from which to choose. We offer lakeside cabins, for those quiet excursions; larger houses for group trips, or family homes for all the family. All you have to do is bring the rod and tackle!

From Carp to Pike, the UK has an enormous range of fish to search for. Perhaps a coastal location is best if freshwater isn’t your thing.
luxury cottage with local fishing

Luxury Cottages with Local Fishing at Handpicked Cottages

We are proud to display a wide range of cottages. If you want to book a luxury cottage with local fishing, perhaps you’ll consider some of our favourites.

  • Honey Hedge’ located in Penzance is the perfect base for the keen angler. 2 minutes from ‘Lamorna Cove’, this self-contained cottage offers seclusion and amazing access to the beach.
  • For the Scottish retreat, perhaps 'Oyster' is for you. On the banks of ‘Loch Tay’, this incredible lodge has spectacular views and great amenities, all whilst backing onto a great, freshwater fishing location.
  • A perfect hideaway for a group, ‘Mansfield House’ offers space for up to 12 guests. Pet-friendly, backing onto Loch Goli, we highly recommend this luxury cottage with local fishing to any keen or amateur fisherman.

luxury cottage with local fishing, pictured at sunset

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