Finding a luxury cottage to Rent

Apr 24, 2018

At Handpicked Cottages we know that you have hundreds of cottage websites that you could use to trawl the thousands of cottages that arena the world wide web. Our smart search facility allows visitors to search by the date that you wish to arrive and leave you can give or take plus or minus 3 days if you wish. You can search via the type of cottage you are looking for e.g dog friendly cottages, hot tub cottages, rural retreats, romantic cottages etc. Furthermore you can search by region say South West and then filter down through the counties say Devon and then even filter further to a specific part of Devon say Dartmoor. The really cool thing is that you can do this all in one go and our bespoke system will produce a choice of cottages that fit exactly your search request saving you time and potential frustration. 

Find your perfect luxury cottage to rent here at Handpicked Cottages

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