Scotland - A Great Adventure

Scotland - A magical place for your next luxury self catering holiday or special break

Mar 19, 2020

 Scotland - A Magical Land

A few years ago, my wife and I decided to take a road trip to Scotland from our home in Surrey. Having never ventured further north than the Lake District on previous excursions we were both excited about what was in store. As this was somewhat of a last minute idea we had not booked any accommodation in advance but chose to take our chances and see what we could find when we got there. Here is just a taster from our adventures.


Leaving our home at 2.00 am we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves entering the stunning city of Edinburgh some 6 hours later. Edinburgh is a fabulous city from which to acclimatise yourself with Scotland, the culture, the people and the history which surrounds and envelopes you. A visit to the famous castle was an obvious choice but the city itself was just as awe inspiring with superb, shops, hotels, fine dining restaurants and eateries around every corner. Put simply we loved it. 


The following 6 days were then and still are today some of the most magical times we have ever had. Driving around beautiful lochs, stopping off at some of the freshest seafood restaurants and cafes, exploring historic forts and castles that it seemed were around almost every corner. 


Our adventure finished in Oban beautifully situated on the west coast and the perfect example of where coast meets country. A vibrant town with lots of shops, restaurants, galleries and local distillery. Yes, we did try deep fried Mars Bar. What a trip and if you have never been to Scotland we suggest it is not too long before you make plans for your very own Scottish adventure. 


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