Staycation Essentials

Staycation Essentials

Jul 03, 2020

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We’ve teamed up with premium suncare brand Saltee, who have shared with us their secrets to packing their bags for the perfect day out during any staycation.  A guide to their Saltee essentials, whatever the weather.

Saltee Suncream 


As with any summer getaway, suncare is always at the top of our list for must-haves. With our Salteeface and body collections we’ve got you covered, literally.  Ultra-high UVA and UVB protection that also keeps your skin super hydrated, we have something for every occasion including our SPF50 Face Daily Protection Formula, perfect everyday suncare, even when it’s cloudy. We love the light, fresh summer scent.  It reminds us so much of holiday that you’ll think your poolside in Mykonos.

Wicker Chair 


Saltee is all about style which is why we wouldn’t leave without packing our panama hat by Nadia C. Sustainable and ethically sourced hats, with a twist. Our favourite accessory to really liven up your summer wardrobe.  We absolutely love the Colombian inspired collection of beautiful hats.

Female Surfer 


A healthy lifestyle on holiday is sometimes hit and miss when you’re surrounded by delicious cuisines and irresistible poolside cocktails.  But Tribe helps us out when we head out for a day to explore the local sights. We like to throw in one of our favourite snack bars to keep our energy levels up. Tasty, natural energy with a variety of different flavours the whole family will love.

Bat And Ball 


For those days when we’re not relaxing or having some downtime on our staycation we like to keep active. And have fun while we do so.  Outdoor family games are perfect for making memories! That’s why we always pack our beach bats from The Beach Bat Company. These luxury bats are designed and made in the UK. No trip away is complete without a game in the fresh air.



Combining culture, travel and good taste is what we live for which is why we love Hamamingo. It wouldn’t be a Saltee staycation without our beach blankets.  These are handy for any location and any occasion; picnics, chilly nights on the balcony, when the kids fall asleep on the car journey home. Beautiful designs with a modern twist on a traditional Turkish towel.

Saltee Sun Cream 


Wherever you’re headed these summer, make sure you pack your staycation essentials to enhance your Saltee adventure. Join us in planning that next opportunity to “Escape With Us”. As travel and holidays become possible, even if a little closer to home that a normal summer, we encourage you to dream with us.  Stay safe. Look out for family and friends and dip into our Saltee stream for some upbeat sunny inspiration and top travel tips. That’s the Saltee way.


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