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What Makes Surfing in North Devon so Special?

Nov 04, 2020

What Makes Surfing in North Devon so Special?

The coast at North Devon is right up there with the very best the UK has to offer. Beautiful, varied and rich in swell across long stretches of stunning beach – with some of the most consistent waves in the country, due to the west facing sands.

With Ireland bearing the lion’s share of the raw Atlantic storm swells, here in North Devon we often enjoy the more manageable 3ft lines that are left over. And with numerous headlands, there are plenty of protected spots for windier days too. Being so close to the Gulf stream means the South West is home to some of the Warmest waters in the UK, reaching a very pleasant 20 Degrees Celsius on balmier days. All of this combined means there’s consistently fun, surfable waves throughout the year.

Where to choose?

There’s a true plethora of spots to choose from here in North Devon, with amazing breaks for all skill levels right on your doorstep. Croyde Bay is a firm favourite which, at low tide, enjoys fast, sandy bottomed barrels perfect for working on manoeuvres. From mid to high tide, the banks transform, creating mellow waves that still have that renowned Croyde punchiness and power. These are much more suitable for green wave first timers right up to advanced shredders, looking for a slightly mellower session. Regardless of the tide, there’s always plenty of white water which makes it an ideal location for beginners to get started.

Croyde Bay, North Devon

Though summer does result in an influx of tourists, second home owners and seasonal workers - there’s such a large number of spots and such extensive stretches of beach that you’ll always manage to find good waves and some space to operate, regardless of the crowds.

Head to Saunton Sands, a reeling beach break that often welcomes thigh burning 100 metre rides. Woolacombe, was voted one of Europe’s best beaches and consequently sees a lot of sunbathers and families, but head out just beyond the crowds and you’ll find a haven of fun, playful rides. All of the beaches mentioned in this article are within easy driving distance, so you can get a real feel for our beautiful coastline and travel between them during your stay.

Saunton Sands, North Devon

Surfing in North Devon is so special, not only because of the wave quality and consistency but also due to the character of the location and its surrounding landscape. The coastline is spotted with quaint harbour villages, with excellent restaurants, pubs, live music and events to keep you occupied when you’re not in the water. Everything is just a short walk away and, by the end of your stay, you’re bound to feel like a local.

Surf at Woolacombe Bay, North Devon

If you are a surfer going to the area and looking for some instruction – whatever your current standard – check out Surf South West they've been hosting surfing lessons in North Devon for decades & know the coastline like the backs of their hands and all the best haunts. Check out their website here for all the details:

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