Luxury Cottages near Ben Nevis

Luxury Cottages near Ben Nevis

Oct 26, 2018

Ben Nevis; The Monolith in the North 

Fringed by clouds, Ben Nevis truly is majestic. 1345m high, this mountain has a long history and provides a challenge for thousands of climbers each year. Situated in The Grampians, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK. Many crags, valleys and scree slopes create an almost mythical area of Scottish countryside.

Booking luxury cottages near Ben Nevis will give you the ability to see this gigantic mountain in person. 125,000 people a year scale the mountain and get to experience the incredible views.

However, the surrounding area is also incredible. Fort William is down the slopes, offering skiing, food and drink. Meanwhile, Loch Eil carves its way through the mountainous landscape creating a breathtaking view.

Luxury Cottages Near Ben Nevis

If Staying in the Grampians wasn’t awe-inspiring enough, the Western Scottish Coast provides a spectacular contrast. Thousands of islands lie off of the coast, creating a pseudo archipelago.

Why not take a trip to local distilleries, museums and cafes? Scotland has an incredible variety of culture and scenery that many have yet to visit.

Handpicked cottages has a great range of luxury cottages near Ben Nevis from which to retreat after a hard days hiking or skiing. Why not have a look at our cottages with hot-tubs for an incredible alpine experience?

Handpicked Cottages' Selection

Our cottages are aimed to create the best possible experience for you, your family, your pet, or your loved ones. Here is one of our cottages that we believe encapsulate what we have to offer:

Fisher at Portnellan is a fantastic retreat for 2. An hour from Ben Nevis, this wonderful lodge comes complete with gym, games room and incredible views.

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