Luxury Cottages near Lyme Regis

Nov 08, 2018

Luxury Cottages Near Lyme Regis:

The Pearl of Dorset 

Dorset’s coastline is special for a number of reasons. Extensive beaches, bays and cliffs make this area of the UK dynamic and beautiful. At Handpicked Cottages, we offer a variety of cottages in this lovely area. Infamous for walking and sailing, Dorset can accommodate all. Whether you want to go fossil hunting, lie on the beach or blow away the cobwebs on a long walk along the coast, we are confident that our luxury cottages near Lyme Regis offer it all.

Nature and history dominate in Dorset. Aeons ago, Dinosaurs in the ocean were embedded in soft rock - earning the name “Jurassic Coast”. Folds in the crust created layers of rock, which have eroded at different rates. Combined with Sea level changes, the Jurassic coast has a wide variety of coastal landscapes, from beaches to cliffs. Furthermore, areas of the coast have an impressive concentration of fossils, creating a popular tourist attraction.

Luxury cottages near Lyme Regis offer the perfect location to access a multitude of sights and opportunities. However, if you simply want to stay at home and drink in the rural setting, we have something for you.

Luxury Cottages near Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis

World Heritage Site - Lyme Regis: the perfect destination for all seasons. Whether you’re partaking in the ‘Lyme Lunge’, crabbing with the kids or visiting dinosaur land, year-long there is something going on. Film theatres offer respite, whilst fishing, sailing and walking give you a lot of opportunities; whilst placing you in a sumptuous location.

Situated in the South West of Dorset, England, Lyme Regis is a historic unspoiled seaside resort and fishing port on the world famous Cobb Harbour. Hunting for fossils is a unique pull for this location. Stretching from Lyme Regis to Charmouth, the beach offers a gorgeous area to relax after a day of hunting fossils.
Our luxury cottages near Lyme Regis are designed to help you have the best time possible for all; to create a memorable experience.

Luxury Cottages near Lyme Regis

Our Selection

Luxury cottages near Lyme Regis come in many shapes and forms! From a cosy, thatched cottage for 2, to a farmhouse, able to sleep 17 - we have a great selection - Sundial House - stunning beachfront house with views over Lyme Bay

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