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Luxury Cottages with a Private Cinema

Sep 04, 2018

Why leave home to go to the big screen?

Young or old, everyone enjoys the cinema! Being able to escape to the silver screen is the perfect way to entertain. And having a range of activities to keep you occupied on holiday is a great idea. At Handpicked Cottages, we offer a range of luxury cottages with a private cinema. Across the country, there are special hideaways that offer lots of facilities, for all kinds of holidays.

For those rainy days that could easily become boring, cinema can take you away from your location for a couple of hours. Having a cinema where you’re staying is an easy way of getting the best out of relaxation and activity. 

Would you book a luxury cottage with private cinema?

The Ultimate in Holiday Luxury

Here at Handpicked, it's our business to seek out the best luxury features available. We've got cottages with heli-pads, with hot tubs, and with beautifully manicured outside spaces - but an indoor cinema has to be one of our favourite features. The perfect extra touch to make your holiday special - not just during the big days out, but the cosy evenings as well. 

Our Selection of Luxury Cottages with a Private Cinema

A home cinema might be the surest sign of luxury, but our cottages offer it alongside beautiful locations.

  • ‘Crepe Farmhouse’ offers an incredible base in Dorset. Close to the Jurassic Coast, this house offers a games room, hot tub, sauna and 8 bedrooms. Perfect for a group getaway, this house offers a fantastic private cinema to entertain everyone. For more information Click here.
  • For a luxury cottage with a private cinema near the Lake District, ‘Waternook’ takes the proverbial cake. Beautiful views, staggering space and a lakeside location really make this property stand out. Click here to find out more!

"We are talking about British holidays here, so you can't depend on the weather! Choosing a luxury cottage with a private cinema provides the perfect retreat spot if the rain starts sweeping in."

- Rob @

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